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From my 5th annual Valentine’s Day collection of Love Poems, The Heartbreak Of Desire. For more information and to get a free copy (for a limited time), click:


© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

Some words never get spoken. 
They linger in the long gap 
between heart and tongue. 

Some lodge for years in the throat 
waiting to be set free. 

Some become stowaways hiding 
in a remote corner of the brain. 

Some find homes in muscle or bone 
or live in blood preaching 
a mission of lost causes. 

And some, a precious few, 
make it out into the world unburdened. 

They carry no notice, feathering 
the heart so lightly they pass through 
customs without need for a visa. 

When the stranger awakens in you, 
traveling your forgotten landscape, 
wide eyed and marveling at what 
you have taken for granted, 

you find yourself speechless 
while all the unspoken words 
of a lifetime spill out, your tongue
free to speak, once again, 
directly from the heart.

We have all felt the fear and trembling, the shyness, the precious vulnerability, at the thought of sharing what is in our hearts. If we are able, in that moment of truth, to let the speaking of our heart with pure intent be its own completion, that act of courage frees the whole flock and our spirit soars.

What truth lives caged in your heart waiting for you to give it a voice?
To whom do you need to speak what is in your heart?
How could you make the pure expression of that truth
be complete in itself Leaving you truly open to whatever the reply?

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