Everywhere I Go

Tibetan bowl and heart copy.jpg

Every where I go, my heart 
is tethered to you. 

Your flowering colors, 
your native sky, 
your flamingo elegance. 

Even the sweltering heat 
hugging my skin is 
the nearness of you, 

though I fear my clothes
drenched in sweat 
will displease you. 

I can think of a thousand 
reasons you might turn away 
but my heart remains yours. 

I’ve already given 
all my tomorrows 
to the secret heaven 
where you flourish.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Everywhere I Go is an excerpt from my 5th annual Valentine’s Day collection of Love Poems, The Heartbreak Of Desire. For more information and to get a free copy (for a limited time), click:


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