The quality of your life is not just a result of your conditions, but is in the eyes with which you see it and the heart you bring to it.  We all have the amazing capacity to change our experience of life, indeed to change the world, by changing our perception. The word "context" actually comes from the middle English and Latin derivatives "con" + "texere," which means "the weaving together of words." How we word the world (the stories we tell and the language we use to understand and describe our experience) determines the quality of our lives, the possibilities we see, and the choices we make.

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Amazing poetry. Impressions that really move the spirit.
— Bill Webber

Nick LeForce writes with his blood. His passionate, authentic search for the Real courses through every line and leaves its mark in the heart of the reader. His poetry illumines “the newness of things already known,” and never more so than when he speaks of love - the love of God, the love of another, the love that marries heaven and earth. Read his work and you will see the world with fresh eyes.
— Roger Housden, author of the 10 Poems to Change Your Life series.
Nick LeForce is a wizard with words in a way that brings out playfulness and joy. He is so inspiring, clear, and present that he makes time fly. As a presenter, he runs a tight ship. He handles the group exceptionally well and maintains great rapport
— Bridgette Packer