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Of all the strange 
and wonderful things, 

of all the seas sailed 
and mountains climbed, 

of all the wishes 
given to the wind 
and the great distance 
that love traveled 
to find us while we 
looked elsewhere, 

all it really took was
for us to say  “yes” 
to open the door 
to our wishful hearts. 

In a nod and a wink, 
a world cracks open 
and, with a little faith 
and a little courage, 
we can step through 

Shall we? 

Love is a process of affirmation, an act of saying “yes” to life,
or to something or someone in life.

To what or to whom in your life do you say, “Yes?”

From my 5th annual Valentine’s Day collection of Love Poems, The Heartbreak Of Desire. For more information and to get a free copy (for a limited time), click: