Measure Of Your Moments

I refuse to let my life
be cradled in clock hands
or reduced to moments
measured by output toward
someone else's dream. 

We each may be destined
to be a cog in a greater wheel,
but I will know my spirit.
I will claim my soul.
I will turn in my own time
and at my own pace. 

I will not live
as servant or savior.  
Even when I hold
my hand out
to lift you up,
I turn my eyes to heaven
because I know
I am not the source
of your light. 

In 1977, I started writing a story titled “A Game With Death.” I interrupted the story, stopping at a rather horrific image and left it hanging for 30 years. In 2007, I picked up the story and found it did not end at the image, but at a point when I was on trial. The judge asked if I had anything to justify my life. I said, ‘No.’ but wondered if I could ask a question. The judge said: “Yes, you may ask one question, but be careful what question you ask because your life depends on it.” I think it took 30 years for me to formulate a question:

“Why am I (my unique self, with my unique perspectives and skills) here (in this particular situation, at this moment in time)?” In other words, what is life calling me to do in this moment? How can I contribute to this situation? What does life have to offer me at this time? It is a living question that must be newly answered in each new situation. To answer the question, we must be willing to extend the reach of our heart into the world.

Measure Of Your Moments is excerpted from my third book of poetry, Divine Whispering available through Amazon.

Divine Whispering
By Nick LeForce

I have learned
that when you chase a mirage
you will live your life
as if you are lost
in the desert.

I have learned
that when you lend your voice
to the multitude
you will never sing
the unsung song of your soul. 

We must set our voices free. 
We must stand for ourselves.
We must find a foothold on the path of our own dreams. 

So, let this day be your trumpet call.
Let these words be your summons
to take back your time,
to cradle your life
in your own hands,
and to measure your moments
not by how well you meet
the demands of the world
but by how far you extend
the reach of your heart
and how much of your heart
you give to your dreams.'

© Nick LeForce
All rights Reserved

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