Poetry is a prism,
splitting light into
the colors of the rainbow,
a voice echoing in the canyon,
a foghorn in the night
we follow into the mystic sea,
a kiss we can only bear
with our whole lives;

lips that shudder us,
like wind fluttering
across the surface of our skin,
erasing the years,
urging us to shed
this old shell of a life
and birth a new presence
into the world.

Poetry whispers
our name to the sky
with such tenderness,
the clouds cannot bear it,
breaking into tears of joy,
drenching the ground,
and the long winter
of our lives
melts into spring.

Sunshafts through clouds copy.jpg

Poetry has been a godsend in my life. For me, it is a direct line to the divine. It is a refuge in a strange world and a source of strength to face life's challenges. It's the primary method I use to transform my experience into wisdom. It is a craft to which I have devoted myself that nurtures my soul, makes sense of my life, and elevates my spirit.

Do you have a craft (a work, a hobby, an interest) that nutures your soul? To what have you devoted yourself?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

This poem was published in my last book of poetry, Bearing Witness, available on Amazon and as an digital book. 

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