The Seed of Life

Red Sea sunrise 2.jpg

Just before those first
rays of sunlight appear
on the horizon
you can feel the night
longing for the day.

The Seed of Life was previously published in my first book of poetry, Heaven In Our Hearts, available on amazon.  

It is raw and simple
like life confined
to a seed waiting
for the right time
to burst forth.

The seed of life in you
needs that dark place
to grow into a yearning
the husk cannot hold.

no matter how hard
your shell, it will crack
open to the light coming
from beyond
your own horizon.

The audio clip is from the audio book version available on my website:

Have you ever felt something magical shifting in you
or some new life bursting inside, as if you might,
at any moment, awaken to a new horizon?

I wrote The Seed of Life while pondering a momentous decision: whether or not to stay in my marriage of 15 years. Although I did not know what I would do at the time, I knew I was on the cusp of transformation and my life would change no matter what choice I made.

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