Let's Go

Goose wings copy 2.jpg

Let’s go, you and I, let’s go.

Let’s go pluck stars from the heavens
and toss them like skipping stones
across the surface of our lives.

Let’s go nestle in the soft wing feathers
of a goose and migrate
to the warmer places in our hearts.

Let’s go linger in lounge chairs
on an ancient Martian seabed
and count satellites circling the earth.

As adults, we tend to cage our imagination forfeiting spontaneity for responsibility and we lose, with it, some of the spark of life. This poem celebrates the free range of imagination and how it restores magic in our relationships and adds joy to our lives. No matter how mundane our day, we can still imagine plucking stars from heaven and skipping them across the surface of our lives or nestling in the wing feathers of geese and migrating to the warmer places in our hearts. So, let's go!

Let’s go ride an electric current
through all the switches in our soul
until we see the light.

Let’s go sing whale songs
to each other
across the oceans that separate us.

Let’s go run away
to the sacred places inside ourselves
where we have always lived
and share all the secrets
we never before dared speak. 

Let’s go, you and I, let’s go.

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"Let's Go" was previously published in Heaven In Our Hearts, my first book of poetry, available on amazon:

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