All The Love We Need

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It is funny to me: 
how we have to learn
to love what we love. 

And each day, little by little, 
we learn better. Until, one day, 
like magic, we realize we have
all the love we need
in the love we give.

We are the only ones
that can answer
our craving for love.

I have spent my whole life
learning this one little thing. 
And now to practice it.

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Sometimes, fewer words are wiser and capture deep truths in simple language. Poetry, more than any other form of communication, has the ability to do just that. Poetry is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Here's a link to my 5th annual book of love poems for Valentine's Day 2018: Agave Nectar. It is a compilation of poems about learning how to love what we love in our lives, including learning how to love ourselves.

Loneliness is a dangerous word and may scare the faint of heart. But solitude, and its twin, loneliness, is one of the greatest gifts and greatest teachers of love. The golden rule tells us to treat others as you would like to treated. To truly love who and what you love in your life starts with with how well you treat yourself! Then, the beloved goes with you everywhere. 

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