Read A Love Poem First

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We mostly get it backwards, 
starting the day in the fast lane, 
sipping coffee on the run
while being swept up in digital rapids. 

We are slaves to the promise of productive lives
lived out there somewhere in the cloud.  

Adapted from my daily intent for January 24, 2018. Every morning, I spend some time contemplating my day and use the time to write my intention, compose a poem, or rattle on nonsensically.  View a video recital of me reading the poem below.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

I say, “Don’t rush into the day
without reading a love poem first.” 

And read slowly, as if it is meant for your heart, 
because the heart is the organ of love
and needs to be nourished to grow strong. 

Sit with yourself. Soak in the quiet, 
as if it is a soft rain on a summer day
when the wet feels like a gift from the gods. 

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Let your movement rise
from the deep well of your being, 
and you become a fountain for life.  

Live the day with clarity as your companion, 
knowing your life is a mosaic of many colors, 
each shade and hue of shifting thought and feeling
forming another mandala, living the moments
like a kaleidoscope until you learn
to love the artistry of your being. 

Others may see you in the everyday, 
walking the hall, tapping the keyboard, 
sharing a meal, chatting up the future, 
but they will feel your joy flowing out of you
from the deep well of life. 

End the day by stepping out of the live stream, 
shaking off the old, like a dog after a good swim. 
Look back to celebrate a moment lived, 
to love again your loving heart, 
as if you yourself are a love poem to life.