Things To Do In Heaven

sunrise cloud being copy.jpg

When I first saw you, I started
a list of things to do in heaven, 
sure every blade of grass  
was singing your name,  
convinced the clouds  
danced in the sky for you.  

Excerpted from Agave Nectar my 5th annual collection of love poems issued as e-books For Valentine'sDay. Valentine's Day is meant for poetry and there inso better gift to give yourself or those you cherish than a book of poetry!  This collection, subtitled, Harvesting Love Out Of Loneliness, is about learning how to love what we love, how to be more gentled loving with ourselves so that we can love others more fully and deeply!

How could I  have ever missed it,  
all around me?  

The caress of summer rain, 
wet and warm on my skin,  
my eyes lit by the rainbow  
you painted over my world,  

and I had to pinch myself,  
counting my heart beats  
with the finger you put  
on the pulse of my life, 

turning this moment into an eternity  
in a single,  salty drop,  
a tear drifting down my cheek
and falling into an ocean of love
that no list can contain, not even
a list of things to do in heaven.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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