No Greater Love

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My heart is big enough
for you to roam
where ever you wish
and feel you loved. 

My patience is deeper
than the canyon
where my voice echoes
in your absence because 

In the world of instant gratification, and the immediacy of text messages and email, it is easy in relationships to interpret delay in reply negatively. I wrote this poem when a friend apologized when she did not reply immediately.  If our hearts are big enough for the lives of others, we can let them roam and still hold them loved!

I am here for you
whispering these words
into your dreaming ears, 
which are timeless
and know no boundaries:

“Go. Live out your Self.” 

And do so without apology
because, no matter how far
or how long you wander,
I know that we all must take
the steps on our own path,

and there is no greater love
than the love that gives you
to your Self.  

No Greater Love is excerpted from my upcoming e-book of love poems, Agave Nectar, to be released mid-January for Valentine's Day, 2018. Keep posted for release announcement.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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