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Sometimes we overlook the magic  
when looking for fireworks.  
Sparks are not always  
the source of our heat.  

For me, there is no shortage of magic in the world, only in the eyes and ears we bring to it. When we live with a spark in our eyes, a flame in our hearts, and a light in our soul, the world is a supernatural wonder, a kaleidoscope of ever-changing beauty, even amid the misery and craziness we often must endure in ourselves and in life. 

If we keep the dial on ignite  
when the clicks fail,  
we are only wasting gas.  
Sometimes, a leap of faith lacks drama,  
slipping by like a lazy summer afternoon.  

It seems so obvious then.  
We can’t catch time in a butterfly net
while swinging at it wildly in the chase.

We have to let time come to us. 

Take a lesson from the sloth,  
performing each slow micro-movement  
with a dedication equal to any Olympic athlete.  
Giving your all means  
nothing more than  
being fully present.  

My question for you: 
How do you keep the flame
in your heart alive?

This is what I love about aging.  
You no longer count your worth  
by the content of your calendar  
or the bottom line on a spreadsheet.  

When the spark is already in your eyes,  
you don’t need fireworks or drama  
to find magic all around you. 

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved.

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