The Shore

I am pulled from the sea, 
lifted on Aphrodite’s shell, 
salt water forced from my lungs
by your CPR, your kiss awakening
my heart, pumping this life into being.

Call it a birth, born into an exact copy
of the old world, everything the same
except me: 

I am just now beginning to remember
who I am, why I walked into that
desperate ocean and what I hoped
to find there.

Now awakened in this body, looking
into your eyes, I can honestly say: 

“It’s alright if the stars fall into our laps, 
it’s alright is the sea sweeps
all our sand dollars away, 
it’s alright if it all ends right here,” 

because loss is just another doorway
into longing for this life 

and I will walk again into that ocean, 
the salt water will again fill my lungs, 
drowning me again in this longing
to be lifted, pulled onto the shore
of a new life and awakened
by your kiss…

We all have times when we wish for a new life, to be awakened into a new world. One of the key aspects of all spiritual traditions is that we  mostly live our lives sleepwalking and that our primary spiritual task is to awaken to our true nature. What do you believe is your true nature? What might awaken you to your true nature?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved