Sun Flex

The sun broke through the clouds this morning, a welcome sight after a series of storms, and this poem, lingering in the "drafts" section of my poetry blog called our to be posted!

Sun Flex

The sun flexed its muscles
as it rose out of the ocean,
defying the clouds
that barred its way.
It offered itself fully
regardless of our complaint
that it was too hot to handle.

We joked that our sun
had doubled in the night,
grown beyond its borders,
that it was coming toward us
with each lap of wave
spilling onto the sand.

We laughed at how easily
it could singe us in its passion
to consummate the never-ending
love of sea and sky.

The clouds already
burned at the edges;
the ocean already
lit a trail for it to follow,
a path that led
right into our hearts.

We stripped ourselves bare
lurching into the cool morning sea
to seek relief, risking the surf
that pulled at our feet.

And we were mesmerized,
caught in a net of desire,
unable to peel ourselves away
as the waves lifted
and carried us off
into the inevitable.

The ocean has a perennial appeal, especially on tropic seashores where the romance of wave and shore tugs at our heart and teases our soul. It can easily catch us in a net of desire and carry us off...What is your favorite tropical fantasy?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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