The Stakes

Look beyond the frenzy of the day, 
beyond the hype and hyperbole—
this day is no different than any other.  

Look deeper: see a world beyond
the battlefield for our spirits
and the tug of war between
fear and excitement. 

See the magic kingdom
where dreams play out
on the stage of the heart
in our ordinary lives. 

We are the stuff of stories, 
the stories of real life that is, 
with our own quirky mix
of madness and magnificence, 
lived out in the mundane moments
of everyday life, 

with more to lose
than the screen cast hero's
last chance to save the world. 

Our anxiety, our fear, 
our excitement, and our love
is real, and the stakes, 
whether high or low, 
have actual consequences  
in our world. 

You and I are the real heroes: 
and we are the only ones
who can save our world.

The hype and hyperbole of the world, especially at this time of political turmoil, often steals my attention, becoming a battlefield for my soul and creating a tug of war to claim my allegiance. It can take over the story of my life as I seek redemption in the world out there. I need poetry and soulful writing to remind me that the real story is inside and I am the only hero that can save my skin. 

How do you stay sane when the hype and hyperbole of the world tugs at your heart?  

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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