I am lost without you, 
a man wandering in the desert, 
unable to recognize mirage from reality. 

The place you live in my heart
is an oasis in this desert, 
a spring of pure water sourced
from the bowels of the earth. 

Your flower blooms perpetually, 
gifting me beauty.  

Your shade offers respite
from a world forever over me. 

Your tent submits delights
I barely dare dream.  

I long for 1001 Arabian nights, 
my head in your lap, 
your fingers stroking my hair, 
while I…I am swept away… 
in the world of your telling. 

© NIck LeForce
All Rights Reserved

The Thousand and One Nights is not only a literary classic, not only a collection of incredible stories, it is one of the great love stories of all times. This poem is included in my newest book of poetry, Falling Before Grace, a collection of love poems and a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Give yourself or that special one the gift of poetry!