Wave Of The Day

I caught the wave at the right moment, 
kept my balance with athletic grace, 
let it lift me and carry me forward, 
arcing and angling against the flushed tide, 
dipping into the curl and
riding the edge of it like an artist. 

I flowed with the flow of the day, 
picking up speed when needed
and pacing myself in the lull. 

I’ve arrived here, 
back on the shore at sunset, 
the golden light casting a runway
across the sea leading to my feet. 

A lone seagull soars in the distance, 
silhouetted by the setting sun, 
a golden ball half consumed
by the ocean’s edge. 

I take this invitation to walk
into my dreams satiated with life, 
living my own little hero’s journey. 

And I can honestly say, 
“Today was good day, 
a day of conversation with dear friends
and communion with myself, 
a day spirit-guided and surefooted.” 

I lay down with lover’s delight, 
held in the embrace of sleep itself, 
and I dream the dreams
of kings and angels
and beings of miraculous birth.

I write my daily intent every day, imagining how I might like the day to go and I might think, feel, or experience it, especially at day's end. These entries are sometimes metaphoric and sometimes practical, depending on my whim of the moment. This was my intent for January 5, 2016. Click the tag below for more poems extracted from Daily Intent writing. You can also check my Blog Daily Intent writing as well. 

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved