Moon Cast

When you let
the full moon
lift your eyes
to heaven, 
it will illuminate
the mysteries
of the heart
and the night
will offer itself
to you as if
you are the one
it has been
waiting for; 
as if it has
been waiting
for this light
to reveal its love
to you.

When you let
the full moon
soften your eyes
for the world, 
it will cast
its magic
over all things
and life
will open up
to you as if
something you have
always longed for
is about to be born;
as if eternity
now readies itself
for what is sacred
in you.

When you let
the full moon
shine in your eyes
from the inside out, 
you will reflect
the secret others seek
and all the tides
and all the seasons
will pass
through you as if
you have always been
the one true love; 
as if this night
has been arranged, 
all along,
to celebrate
the arrival
of you.

This poem is excerpted from my latest book, Falling Before Grace, a collection of love poems and a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Give yourself or that special one the gift of poetry!

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved