Open Door

I bear this life
with a new grace
having found peace
in myself, a sanctuary
for the secret sharer
whose embrace
is wide enough
for the whole of me,
as if I am the soul-er system:
the sun and the moon, 
the night and the day,
the sea and the sky, 
the seasons and the cycles of life,
and the seeds of love
in a future flourishing. 

I can only get a tiny glimpse, 
an almost infinitesimal
point of reference
for that which is,
and I am blown away. 
My heart grants me
this open door to the divine, 
gives me this invitation to a life
of untold riches, right here, right now
and says, “Watch it spread
like a wild fire across the world.”

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

Adapted From Daily Intent for November 15, 2016

When has life granted you an open door?

Please share  your thoughts and comments below.