Vows To Life

Here I am in my new boots,
feet on the carpet of a sacred space,
wearing khaki slacks and a shirt
given to me by my brother,

sitting in a circle of fellowship
on a journey of discovery; opening myself
to the spiral DNA of my soul
in search of the beautiful question
that will guide me deeper into my life
and further into my heart
asking for the courage to drop the veil,
to open my eyes and ears
to the savage beauty of the world;

asking for the courage to feel
the fierce tenderness required
to love it all without hesitation

because life has made its vows to me
and now it is my turn…So here I am
in my new boots, my khaki slacks,
and my shirt of brotherly love,
my heart broken open
and spilling out into the world
making my vows to life.

We are married to life. Our relationship to life may be the most intimate of all our relationships, more intimate even than with our parents, our family, our life partner, or our children. We are always in a context, always contained by life, always held in its arms. We may interpret that hold in different ways at different times, ranging from a smothering trap to a loving embrace. But, regardless of our attitude, it is always there, always fulfilling the vow it has made to us. The question is: What vow(s) would you make to life when you enter into this marriage consciously?

Note: I wrote this during the Wording The World Workshop in Salem, Oregon responding to a writing prompt on being present using on the cue, "Here I am..." . References are specific: I was wearing new hiking boots and the event was held at "Sacred Spaces" where we formed a circle of fellowship.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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