Autumn Equinox

Here at the fall equinox: all is even, the sun hugs the equator squaring with the tilt of the earth. It is a day of equanimity between light and dark, a day for harmony between North and South, a day to balance outer and inner. Here is my poetic tribute to the fall equinox for 2016:

Autumn Equinox

I love the changing season,
the lessening of light,
the cooling of days,
the coloring of leaves,
and the quickening hint
at the coming of winter.

It is the season of harvest,
a time to gather our resources,
and to steady ourselves on a truth
that can guide us through
the darkness ahead and ready us
for retreat and renewal.

Aging is this dropping away,
this coloring of our lives with decay,
this growing readiness to become
one with it all.

It is a different kind of beauty
than the blossoms of spring,
which lift us to heaven,
different because the autumn of life
takes us to ground,
cradles us in the earth,
and teaches us to appreciate
the muck and mulch that we,
ourselves, shall become and
from which those blossoms arise. 

Fall reminds me that we are all aging, no matter what age we are now.  I am not envious of youth, except in physique. But, in all other matters, age is better.  This dropping away of matters that once mattered, this coming to terms with terra firma, provides a means for being more solid in my life and my world than before. Yes, more rigid too. I like to think I am wiser now. I may be less erudite, less agile in body and mind, but I am more apt to be at home with myself and the world. I am so much clearer about my purpose and place in it all. Age is better and so I welcome the fall and celebrate the equinox.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved