Whimsy To Follow

The sun tipped its hat to the day
spreading golden yellow highlights
across the wet, green treetops.

The welcome tugged at my feet.
I wanted to throw out my calendar
and follow the light to an open field
where I could bow in salute.

I felt a window open in my heart
and I wondered if whimsy might follow,
throwing open the door with wild delight.

I let the breeze whisk away the stale air
I had come to accept as normal
and the dust fell from my eyes. 

My life could turn a corner in an instant,
the world could be about to yield its bounty.
And it can only be found in whimsy,
because the planned life paves over
the treasure at out feet.

When was the last time you followed whimsy?

© NIck LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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Plans are useful and necessary to help us to achieve goals and better our lives. Every once in a while, I feel the tug of whimsy wanting me to abandon my plans and run off on a little adventure. Whether or not I follow its lead, I am always tickled by the feeling. And when I do embrace whimsy, I am almost always rewarded with some little treasure in the moment.