Fool In Love

I burn the midnight oil
then kick the lantern over
bringing down the house
and laying waste to this oasis
I’ve built on dreams.

I rip out the canvas
on which I paint my world
and feed it to the fire;
I burn the journals I use
to keep my life at bay.

I tear off the pangloss I preach,
pry off the sullen wear
I hide underneath, and then
fling myself, naked, into the flames.

I give myself another second chance
and then another and another.

And each time, I rise up
from the flames brighter and bolder
burning away all the plague
and poison I inflict on myself.

I want pure me,
the distilled moonshine,
the liquor of my life
in a potency that
cannot be measured.

I want to live
drunk on the divine,
inebriated by beauty,
and walking on the earth
like a fool in love.

Picture taken on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in March, 2014.

Picture taken on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in March, 2014.

At some point, everyone entertains the desire for a complete make-over in life, to be like the caterpillar transformed into the beauty that we know is our essence. We all have moments wishing we could be free of our limitations and permitted to live and love fully.  But we are also bound to our old ways and to the social and personal rules by which we live.

If you could have a "second chance" in life, would you take it?

What do you need to bring down, lay waste, rip out, burn, or tear off in order to truly have a second chance?

What is the pure you, the distilled essence of yourself? What makes you "you?"

Please post your thoughts and comments below.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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