Nothing To Declare

The goal-driven life may yield amazing results, but it is not easy. This may be why so many dream of island life, where enough to live is found in each day, and where there is no need to aim for higher ground or high rise luxury. On rare occasions, we may take our leisure in a faraway land and actually relax, letting go of our driven world.  What we bring back is often lost in the rush of return. This is my poetic ode to keep the ease in the everyday world.

Nothing To Declare

Be very careful
when you bring
an island dream
back to the mainland.  

It is not their custom
to live easy. 

The border guards
will query your state.
They will confiscate
your ease and not
allow re-entry
into the driven life. 

They want you restless,
unhappy, in need of the world
and aiming for more. 

Do not admit
your peacefulness.

Carry it in your bearing
but not on your customs card. 

Go green. Cross the border
with "Nothing to declare.”

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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