Falling Into Order

I pack my suitcase with care,
folding clothes and placing things in perspective
as if to put my travel and time into order.  

This exquisite attention is an act of closure.

Memories and moments
also have their place
in the scheme of things.

These are being packed and stored
in a parallel act within me
made possible by the mindfulness
with which I perform the outer act.

The feeling is bittersweet:
a twinge of grief and sadness
mixed with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Soon, I will leave this world behind,
leave behind the people
and moments I lived here.
It would be easy to render it
a sidebar or a footnote in my life.

Take this time and give it its due:
pack each thing as if it is
a precious treasure.

When I make this act into a prayer,
into an act of consecration, I notice—
with exquisite attention—how all
the moments of my life fall into order.

How do you bring closure to your travels
and to the times and events in your life?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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