Stillness and Motion

The single red blossom,
its beauty highlighted against the green lake,
holds still while the curvaceous light
reflected across the shimmering surface
dances gracefully in celebration.

Stillness and motion serve
as one of the great complements of life,
a reminder to me that stillness
gives my wavering ways a context for beauty,
hinting at a greater purpose
that can only be found
in the mix of foreground and background.

Wavering is not then a sign of weakness
but a mating call for the stillness at the core of my being. 

This stillness always holds true to itself,
but loses meaning
without the chaotic companion of motion around it.
I dance to what endures,
the stillness at the center of all things,
the budding source from which all life blooms,
and I am the suitor come calling
whose heart melts at the sight of such beauty.

How do you flirt with stillness?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

© NIck LeForce
All Rights Reserved