Current Of The Soul

You can feel
a new life rising up
when the iced heart
cracks open and the light
once hidden by winter skies
breaks through the clouds.

This is your invitation
to return to fluidity.

Only in moving
with the movement of life
can Grace find complete expression. 

Only in giving
perfectionism to the wind
can you find the perfection within.

Let loose the puzzling mind.
Let the pieces you have knit together,
so neatly and so tightly, drift apart
opening the way for new configurations.

In this you confirm
what your intuition
has always told you:
there is no room
for the bounty
of the world
in crusted hearts.

Crack the ice.

Set what is cold
and broken in you

Place your trust
in the current of the soul
and it will carry you home.

Excerpted from The Work Of Being Your Self to be published in summer 2016. For more posts related to this book, click The Work Of Being Your Self tag below.

How do you know when new life is rising up in you?

When are you in the flow? What times or activities allow you to return to fluidity in life?

When and how do you place trust in the current of your soul to carry you to where you belong?

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All Rights Reserved

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