How high the tiny edge
of shallow water
to the pebble in the sand;
the pebble that endures
the inevitable onslaught of life
hundreds of times per day,
tossed in the waves,
washed by the sea,
worn by the tide.

Imagine the white foamed wave
towering and tumbling over you
while you stand fearless in its path
because you know
it is what brought you here
and what will take you
on the next leg of your journey.

You would welcome
the rush of coolness
peeling at your surface
and the pull and lift
of the current
wanting to claim you,
to carry you along,
outward or inward,
as if you are lovers
finding your place
with each other;

and the lettering
of your movement
across the wet sand
is your sonnet to the sea
that calls the waves back
again and again
because you know,
even though you are tiny,
your love is as great as the ocean

and your love will go on
even after you have been
worn down into sand
and the ocean leaves
the white foam of its tears
glistening on your surface.


This poem was inspired by a photo sent to me on Facebook by Frances Lilian several years ago. The photo showed the white foam edge of an ocean wave about to sweep over a tiny pebble. She commented about "how high the tiny edge of shallow water" might appear to the pebble. This became the start line for "Pebble," my poem about the greater forces of life with which we must learn to dance.

Photo, Poem, and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

Pebble is in my third book of poetry:

Divine Whispering
By Nick LeForce

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Thoughts to ponder and questions to consider:

Our lives are truly nested in greater forces, forces over which we have no control and that often carry us along in life, whether or not we are aware of the ride, and regardless of whether we accept it or resist it. These greater forces are "what brought you here and what will take you on the next leg of your journey." Developing a relationship to these greater forces is one of the great tasks of life.

How did you get to where you are now?
What is your attitude toward the greater forces of life?
What if you and the greater forces were lovers finding your place with each other?

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