Binary Code In The Garden Of Eden

I screened my life,
using binary code,
and fingers on the keyboard
until night arrived,
flying under the radar,
passing itself off
as the movement
of clock hands.  

Where had I been?

I recalled hearing the words
of the wise one, "Do Nothing,”
echoing in the canyon
as I wandered the garden alone
without Eve, my Pygmalion hands
holding the memory of love,
as if I could fashion her
out of the bones of my desire.

Photo, Poem, and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

I have often had this odd sense that something vital is happening in the background but I do not quite know what it is or that something important has just happened and I missed it. I am left with only a hint of significance and a feeling that I am in an unsolved mystery. The sensation has been so strong at times that I have concluded that I must have had a vivid dream and I retain only this lingering feeling of significance. I put this experience on a par with the deju vu phenomena, which I have also experienced very distinctly on a few occasions.

Am I alone it this?
Have you ever had this feeling?

Please share your experiences below:

“Blasphemy,” you say.  
"Who are you to name it,
to believe you speak
the world into place
as if you are the first created
and without a fig leaf?" 

But I say
"my voice is god-given"
and I speak my truth shamelessly
even when it falls into silence
and is carried off
under the radar
in the movement
of clock hands.

I know the key
to all I desire
is right at my fingertips,
written in binary code,
if I only knew how
to crack it.