Endless Horizon

On a clear day,
the ocean offers
an endless horizon,
an edge to the world
beyond which
you cannot see
and has no
perceivable destination.

A mystery to ancient mariners
who sailed the unknown seas
in search of undiscovered lands
or seeking mythic treasures
because the ocean edge
is wide enough
for all you might imagine.

It speaks to that part of you
that longs to know
what’s around the corner,
what’s over the hill,
what’s beyond the edge;
that part of you that knows
there is more to life
than what you have
allowed yourself to live.

If you squint and
stretch your eyes
to the farthest margin,
as if to peer over the edge
of your own horizon,
you will begin to wonder
what lies beyond
the rim of possibility
you have set for yourself.

You will hear the tireless
crash and roar
of wave after wave
battering at your beach,
crumbling belief into sand,
dropping the shells
of what no longer
lives in you
on the shore
and asking you
over and over:

Is the horizon
you envision
for yourself
big enough
to hold your dreams?

And your heart knows the answer.

Your heart knows when
the life you live
won’t let you
live your life.

Your heart knows when
the tides of change
come from the deep, deep sea,
from the unknown depths in you
that support an endless horizon
and then, on one clear day
you will stand on the shore
and see, for yourself,
all things possible.

Photo, Poem, and Recital © 2012 Nick LeForce
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Endless Horizon
By Nick LeForce