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When the heart sings, once again,
 it's first song, we can then 
pull up our roots. 

When we strip the mask from
our forgotten face, we can then charm 
the mysterious stranger 
we thought we knew 
as ourselves. 

Research in human behavior indicates that we are healthier and happier and that we live longer, richer lives if we have a sense of purpose or if we feel we have a mission that guides our contribution to the world.

Join Larry Dillenbeck and I for our next “webversation” (a webinar because we present some of our ideas and a conversation because we open it up for dialogue). 

When we turn the mirror inside out,
we can lift the lid on our calling 
and bank on that fearless desire
and foolish longing for love 
to open our eyes to the beauty 
of this world 

When the spirit finally wakes 
from it's sweetened slumber, 
we can, at last, take the next step
 in our evolution and walk
upright on the earth.

© Nick LeForce
AllRights Reserved

The word “upright” is used both for posture and for a way of living properly, of being honest and honorable (as opposed to crooked). What does it mean to you to live upright? If you think of yourself as evolving as a person, what is the next step in your evolution?

Vision, Vocation, and The Reach of Your Heart
Why are you (your unique self) here (in this time, place, and situation)?

Thursday, April 25, 2019; 7:00 PM
Free and no sales pitch

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