Wing Flaps

Each day has its own odd twists and special gifts, its own variety of color and movement, its own mood and magic, however subtle or sensational. This day starts with another day of downpours in this wet winter, another winter at its apex already birthing the spring, another dance of entropy and order in a world constantly changing. Amid these amazing forces, we live our lives, go about our days according to a schedule, often like drones steeped in another mid-week rush of worker bees and white collar kings and queens off to crack the nut and conquer the world. 

Each of us has our own odd mix of worries and wonders, of grand plans and aimless acts, living out the days of our lives in our own soap opera. We live as much on an inner landscape, sculpted by the same forces of entropy and order that shapes the world of our senses.  Our own private mix of mood and magic impacts our days, however subtle or sensational. The world we occupy is a blend of these companion realities, the inner and the outer, and we reside mostly in a grey area between the two, adding, and acting, on a layer of interpretation and meaning placed over the world as it is. 

Our lives are lived in a grand illusion, often heaping endless suffering on ourselves when we cast the world as an enemy, when we perceive inconvenience as an injustice, and when we consider everyday mistakes as mortal sins. But our human capacity as meaning makers is, perhaps, our greatest gift; if we use it wisely. We can elevate our lives by the meaning we attach to,  and the descriptions we offer of, the world and our place in it. This is the essential point of “Wording The World:” to claim our capacity to define our experience; to elevate our lives by how and what we perceive and by the understanding and meaning we attach to it. For me, I have four criteria: Beauty, Gratitude, Reverence, and Love. These are the simple guidelines for my attention and intention. The flap of these wings is my chaos factor, my butterfly effect, that may just ripple out and change the world!

How would you characterize your inner landscape?

Here's an great exercise: keep a log for a week with two lists: 1.  the common emotions that you experience (like frustration, anger, amusement, longing, etc.) and 2. Typical inner dialogue comments or questions ("If only I could..."; "Why is this happening...."; "How can I make this work?" etc.)

Whenever I have done this, or assigned this task to my clients, it yields incredible insights about how much we create our everyday experience and it often opens the door to the underlying beliefs and assumptions that we layer on "reality."  

"Wording The World" is the ability to use your language to “word the world” in ways that allow you and others to navigate life effectively, to engage in a genuine dialogue with life, to create worthy encounters with others, and to bring you to life and life to you. If you want to take control of your life, take control of the language that you use to describe it! Learn more here:

From Daily intent for February 7, 2017.  
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