What if your sense of purpose was based,
not on the dreams you chase,
but on the life you live?

The quality of your life is not just a result of your conditions, but is in the eyes with which you see it and the heart you bring to it.  We all have the amazing capacity to change our experience of life, indeed to change the world, by changing the context within which we perceive it. The word "context" actually comes from the middle English and Latin derivatives "con" + "texere," which means "the weaving together of words." How we word the world (the stories we tell and the language we use to understand and describe our experience) determines the quality of our lives, the possibilities we see, and the choices we make.

The ancients believed in the power of words to create reality, but we have lost respect for this incredible gift. We use words casually and often disastrously and then wonder why our lives are a mess. Wording the world is a way of giving voice to your heart and expressing the life energy that is flowing through you. Our words sanctify experience by naming it, which provides the metaphoric context of meaning and determines what we see, hear, and feel in the literal context in which we live.  

What Is "Wording The World?"

The ability to use your language to “word the world” in ways that allow you and others to navigate life effectively. The ability to engage in a genuine dialogue with life, to create worthy encounters with others, and to bring you to life and life to you.

What You Get

 You will walk away with a richer, fuller perception of life, 
bringing magic to the world, love to life, and beauty to you!

In This Workshop, You Will learn...

  •  The five step magic formula for transforming experience into wisdom and for guiding yourself and others toward greater fulfillment and joy in life
  • How to use your voice like an instrument that captures the hearts and minds of those to whom you speak
  • The secret skill used by all great speakers to make speeches great
  •  How and when to use the "three centers" for impactful communication
  • How to put “meaning” into your words so that others not only get the message but feel the value
  • How to master the power of your words to influence yourself, others, and life 
  • How to conduct the three conversations you must have in order to live fully
  • How to access three simple magical states of being for living a beautiful life
  • How to transform drudgery into delight, tragedy into triumph
  • How to master the lost art of "deep listening"

And You Will Gain:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself, of others, and of life
  • A richer perception of life and a more accurate view of reality 
  • The ability to see the subtleties and shades of grey in life situations
  • A profound sense of meaning and purpose
  • Greater clarity about what matters to you most
  • The “wisdom” to make better decisions
  • A tolerance for different ways and different cultures
  • Alignment of heart and soul, body and mind
  • Discovery of your own truths and life lessons
  • A legacy to offer the world and to teach your grandchildren

Who Will Benefit:

  • Coaches, Therapist, and Those in the Helping Professions
  • Writers, Poets, and Journal Keepers
  • Everyday Storytellers and Artists with Heart
  • Seekers and Those Pursuing Spiritual Awareness
  • The Insatiably Curious!

Program Topics

1. The Power of Presence

Presence is the act of bringing our attention to life in the moment. Most of us live in an abstracted world of concern or thought that splits attention, takes attention away from the present, and limits effectiveness in life. Our presence ultimately determines our power to manifest what we want or to charm others and the world.

2. The Gift of Engagement 

Presence brings our full self into the moment. Engagement is the ability to enter into a genuine relationship and an honest dialogue with our self, with others and with life. Engagement is the process of bringing our unique self to the unique situation at hand and acting in the world from our core.

3. The Art of Reflection

Presence and engagement allows us to act in the world. Reflection is the ability to take the world in to ourselves, to mirror it inside, and to reflect on what it teaches us or offers to us. Reflection occurs on two levels: 1. Mirroring: to reflect or duplicate the world outside within us, and to embody aspects of the world, and 2. Reflecting: the ability to reflect on what this means or teaches us. This second reflection is part of cultivation.

4. The Craft Of Cultivation

We take the world in to ourselves in the first reflection through mirroring and embodiment. Then we begin to think deeply about it and ponder it in the second reflection. We consider what it teaches us or means to us or about us, what it reminds us of, and what it is like metaphorical in our lives or the world. We use the raw material we discovered through mirroring and embodiment and cultivate it into useful insight, understanding, guidance, or further inquiry. Hence, we cultivate what we received so that it can be given back to the world in contribution.

5. The Charm of Contribution

Contribution cycles back in our presence and offerings. Contribution is not only what products or services we give to the world, but how we charm others by the life we live. We are changed through the process mirroring, embodiment, and cultivation and we bring a new presence back to the world. We have the unique capacity, not only to learn, which all animals and all livings things can do, but to take learning and codify it into a set of “truths” about how to live life and then communicate this to each other. Through contribution we make ourselves and the world better!

We will use writing, drawing, and dialogue and co-coaching to explore the liminal edge of self, the point of contact between us and the world, to master how we interact with ourselves, others, and the world in creating our experience.  

Begin Your Journey Now:  Word Your World With Beauty and Grace!
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Pictures taken of stone tiles on the walkway in "The Place of Reflection" in King's Park, Perth, Australia.

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What Other's Say About Nick's Work

Nick’s work leaves its mark in the heart and leads you to see the world with fresh eyes.
— Roger Housden, author of the 10 Poems to Change Your Life series.
Nick LeForce is a special combination of creativity, emotional richness and heart. As a person, he lives from a place of genuine caring and curiosity. His poetry is full of both depth and subtlety. It is a joy and an honor to call him a colleague and a friend.
— Robert Dilts, Co-Creator of NLP
Nick’s unique perspective of the world inspires others to unlock their imagination and see their life with new insight.
— Brian Roselt, Brisbane, Australia
Nick has the ability to paint word-pictures that inspire soul-expansion, and transformation. I felt myself opening to all manner of possibilities, while absorbing his words, and the images they evoked.
— Dena Lynn, Dallas, Oregon.
Nick LeForce has an astonishing natural gift for bringing certain things to one’s attention, always with a pinch of zest, a twist that just “clicks!”
— Francis Lilian--Brisbane, Australia


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