Of Two Worlds

Wet streets turn blackened tarmac into dulled mirrors, the reflected world upside down, hinting at depths hidden in everyday life, inviting divers of imagination to take the plunge and discover what lies beneath our world, what supports our lives, conversing with ants and earthworms, with shrews and cicadas, with ferrets and foxes, with river sprites and wood nymphs, and learning the earthen secrets beneath our feet. I have been inclined to sky and sea, more at ease in swimming elements than solid properties, inspired by permeable boundaries, by give and take, rather than the hard edge of unyielding surfaces.

It has taken an effort of will to put my feet on the ground, to stay put long enough to stake a claim, to announce who I am and what I am about to the world, and to walk on the earth with belonging. Here I am, at last, walking surefooted, my feet on solid ground, even while my eyes see, and my spirit swims, in that other world! I can take you there, and keep you safe, because I am of two worlds, at home in both, stepping into and out of each with increasing ease, the bridge between inside and outside, between above and below, between what is and what could be. Come! Let’s take the dive together — another world waits for you and I, eager to share its secrets! 

I love reflection, both literally and metaphorically. Reflected surfaces offer an invitation to another world, a parallel reality infused with possibility, a beckoning passage through which I could slip off into a magic realm.

What ignites your imagination?
What opens you to possibilities?

From my Daily Intent Writing session for Monday, Feb, 6, 2017. Click the Daily Intent tag below to read more of these entries. 

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