Jungle Temple

Welcome the warm heart in winter and the smiles of those who still live the leisurely pace of life in a tropic land, who slow walk through their day as if time were a friend and who know the law of energy conservation as a way of life. Welcome the sun that shines on all things equally and does not judge the beggar with hand held out or the wealthy westerner who cuts a wide berth when walking by. Welcome the bright colors of a culture that still has roots in life, that still has reason to fear the wild in the world and that still knows how to find and feel the flow of life. 

Feel your own feet on the ground, feel how each step catches you as you find your footing in a world of blissful dreams and uneven terrain. Feel the air skim the surface of you with a light caress, barely enough to notice the secret it whispers into your body. Feel the world both warning you and welcoming you because you are the stranger here. You are at the beginning of your belonging, and the animal sense in you knows you have much to learn of this world. Embrace these strange bones and this alien body, bless this vehicle for its conveyance of you, give gratitude for the senses that house the beauty of life. 

No matter where you are when your ears and eyes meet these words, do not forget the jungle temple, hidden in the vines and lost to the world. The sacred still lives in its walls. Lost arts and secret wisdom still live in the ground.... Let the image of it be your secret source. Don your Indiana Jones hat and go into this world an adventurer.  Untold treasures await you.  

This is a letter to Future Self written on June 13, 2016 to be read on January 12, 2017. 

For my "Letters To Future Self," I pick a date, check my calendar to see what is scheduled, and then write a letter storing it in the reminder system on Evernote to be read on the selected date. I do not look at the letter again until the "arrival" date.

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This letter to my future self bridges the seasons, reminding me that tropic leisure lives in me as much as it does in a time and place in the world. Where does your imagination take you when you go on an inner holiday?

© Nick LeForce
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