For Valentine's Day

Each the past three years, I produced a collection of love poems, which I made available as e-books on my website. This year, I combined all three into a physical book, Falling Before Grace, now available at Poetry is the language of love! 

Throughout the ages, seekers, suitors and sweethearts have turned to poetry to celebrate the arrival of love and to lament the loss of love, to woo and win favor with the would-be lover, to find and feel the depth of desire and longing that can turn our world around, that can open our eyes and ears to the beauty of life, that can make us sing praise to the world in which we live, that can make us risk everything just to be near our heart’s desire, near the one we dream of, the one for whom we have fallen, laying our heart at the feet of the beloved, over and over again. 

Falling Before Grace offers poems for every phase of love: from love at first sight to the mellowed love of those who have shared a lifetime together, from the longing of unrequited love to the waning of a once flourishing love, from finding love after a broken heart to the blossoming of love in a budding romance. A perfect gift for yourself or your soulmate, for your spouse or special friend. Falling Before Grace will capture the feeling whether it is an evening of candlelit romance or a lonely night of longing. Grab your copy today!

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