From Where I Sit

Tonight, I feel the embrace of family, included as a guest at the house of Juan Francisco Martinez Ramirez. I cozy up to the intimacy, keeping a lid on my enthusiasm for the great good that may come out of these difficult times. My fears are real, but they are tinted with the colors of an artist's palette, painted with the hope of an uprising among those who see through the agenda of power and will stand up for decency, for the common good of our world, and for the global community in which we all reside. 

My own worldly heart rides on the whim of those in power, and I am destined to serve a purpose in the rising wave to make the world a better place for all, not just the "chosen ones,” who would rather wall off life, casting other colors and creeds into infidels and enemies, and who would rather have an apocalypse than stake a share in the world. These are risky waters, this is wild terrain, and we are living under darkened skies in dangerous times. The only light I know is the one that shines in our souls, that thrives on human kindness, and that endures the worst trials and risks the treacherous seas, in the service of love. 

For isn’t this what it comes down to? Do we create a world run on fear, making enemies of each other, or do we find a sacred meeting ground, where we can look each other in the eyes, begin a genuine dialogue to heal our differences, to lift each other up, to look beyond country, color, and creed seeing the human spirit in each of us, and to learn how we can share the precious resources of this world in a way that works for everyone?  Yes, it is a big dream, and it may seem further away than ever before given trends in the world. 

But I believe we are actually closer than we have ever been before, that this backward push may well be the last gasp of an the old world of isolation, predicated on the blind pride of town and country, and that thrives on the boogie man, placing the enemy at our doorstep, when in reality, it puts the enemy inside us, right in our own living rooms, right in our own hearts. At these times, we must remember the great words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

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I wrote this as my daily intent for Monday, January 23, 2017, on the morning of my flight to Mexico to visit my dear friend Paco and his family. Click the Daily Intent tag below to read more of these entries. 

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