Beauty In The Mess

Nature’s artistry configures the world in endless variations that delight the eyes and stimulate the senses as it does in this photo of sunlight  through leaves. Scenes such as this inspire me to find the beauty in random patterns, which I also find in human lives, my own and others, that often seem so messy and mixed up because all the pieces fall erratically, shifting and changing in a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. But whenever I take the time to look with loving eyes, I am always rewarded with a tapestry of such richness and majesty that it takes my breath away.

It may be easier to see the beauty in nature because it strikes our senses so palpably. But the beauty of a human life is a more abstract thing, an evolving work, and requires a kind of window shopping view, peering into the life force found in worn shoes and a cluttered closet, or heard in foolish comments and peels of laughter. No matter how well lived, or how well organized, one's life may be; no matter how neatly the pieces are placed together; there is always a mess and it is always the mess that makes that life so fascinating.

How might the messiness in your life
(or the life of someone you love)
be perceived as a thing of beauty?

picture taken of sunlight through maple leaves in Ontario canada

picture taken of sunlight through maple leaves in Ontario canada

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