Summer Joy

This piece is an excerpt from my "Letters to Future Self" written on February 7, 2016 to be read on July 31, 2016. For more posts in this series, click the tag below.

Summer becomes you. In the heat you find your passion. The days are still long enough to offer endless afternoons in the park and romantic sunsets in places made exotic by the love you share with life. The nights bring just enough welcoming cool to invite candlelight dreams. Time and tide pass with predictable rhythm and the slowing of life quiets you at your core.  If you take a breath, if you inhale the season, you can feel the seductive pulse of life washing over you with incomprehensible joy.

I imagine you arriving in your body again, coming home like a thousand times before, but with a peace that lets you move through the world without disturbing it as if all things accept your complete belonging. This is the day you recover your charm, the day you reclaim that beautiful idleness of being, a kind of casualness that comes with being totally at home in the world. This is the day you delight in lounging about in spirit. No matter what duties need be done, no matter what dreams need tending, you are a free to live this summer joy from the inside out. 

How might you live the joy of this day from the inside out?

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