My Greatest Blessings

This freedom of days, this open-ended life, hearkens back to undetermined times, before I took on the world and shackled myself to a way of life. I can go about the business of being my Self by simply choosing to do so. I can set my schedule, select my activities, and center on my purpose. Of course, I could squander the time in front of TV or surfing the net to entertain my whims. Or I can use these precious moments wisely, working my gifts in the service of a greater good and a better world.

I do not need to seek the admiration of the masses, the glory of fame, or the gilded towers of fortune. These dreams of the world do not speak to my heart. I go quietly about my life and, as long as I keep my soul from being hijacked by the world, I have all I need to live a dream life: all the love, all the money, all the time, and all the resources. I count the artistry of the heart, the poetry of the soul, the fellowship of friends and family, and the love of life as my greatest blessings.

What do you count as your greatest blessings?

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I start almost every day with my practice of writing my intention for the day, which is like a note to myself to be read at the end of the day. Click the Daily Intent tag below to see other posts from this practice.

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