Here And There: Anointed

Adapted from
The Work of Being Your Self

The last dynamic dilemma is the dance between living in the present, of being in our bodies in the moment, right here and right now, versus investing our time, energy, and spirit toward future goals or in glorifying past times. The western culture tips the scales toward the future, encouraging the drive to achieve goals as the primary way of living a good life. But it is sad when we come to the shocking reality that years have gone by and we don’t know what happened, our youth gone, and our dreams still resting on a distant horizon.

Being present is a discipline, a practice, and it takes effort to learn how to maintain presence in the world. The future may call us to our greatness, but life embraces us in the present. I believe our spirits are vast. I believe we can have both. I believe we can learn to dance the opposites into a work of art we call our lives.

A poem sometimes arrives with a shocking surprise. I wrote “Anointed” as an ending benediction on the last page of my journal on October 1, 2013. I resisted the urge to close out that journal and start a new one right away feeling I was jumping ahead of myself. I did not expect to be “confronted” with the question that arrived in the last line of the poem.

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 When all is said and done,
when the accounts are settled
and the books are closed,
when you have the tiny opening
before the end becomes the beginning;

and when you sigh the sigh of relief
that goes with all letting go,

you can, if you are quick,
settle into the blissful void
between one thing and another.
Then, simply, let your senses rest

and let the seconds cradle your soul.

You will find yourself in a place
that needs only your breath
to be your home.
You will feel the moment

clothing you in comfort.

You will know the blessing
of Life as it anoints you
for your full presence,
which it can only offer
in the between times
when you are not
splintered into the world
or turned backwards
into yourself.

Only in the between times
are you truly open to hear
the question life
will always ask you

with genuine curiosity: 

why do you live
so much of your life
in your own absence?

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Questions To Ponder:

What have you grown beyond that you haven't left behind yet in your life? What, if anything, prevents you from eliminating it or letting it go now?

What causes you to dissociate from yourself and your life? Is it helpful or a hindrance to absent yourself?  What makes the difference? 

How can you live the moments of your life more fully and completely? What moments would you choose to live more fully?

Please share your comments below!

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