Slip Into Your Life

I start almost every day with my practice of writing my intention for the day, which is like a note to myself to be read at the end of the day.  This is my daily intent written on August 4, 2016:

Slip Into Your Life

I marvel at the ease with which you slip into this life when you allow a lapse in your concerns, when you step between the gap in your worries, and you feel truly at peace with yourself. It is a peace that goes beyond the truce you negotiate for a holiday, or grant yourself because you are battle weary and need a rest. It is a deep peace, complete in itself, and without need for permission from a greater power or an endorsement by a sponsor. It is the peace always present, the eye at the center of the storm, the stillness that makes all movement possible. You know this calm is the singularity that becomes all things. It is the home of love, the in-dwelling of spirit, that place from which life creates and re-invents you. Here, in this abode, all things are possible and require no effort from you to bear fruit. 

Most of us long for true peace of mind and fantasize about a life or a time free of our concerns and worries.

When was the last time you felt true peace of mind?
What caused it or how did you achieve it?

Please share your thoughts or comments below.

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