Ease Into My Fullness

This entry is my daily intent for Saturday, June 4, 2016 written on my first day in Bali:

A day to orient myself, to settle into a rhythm with the sun and sea, to ease into my fullness with gratitude for the blessings of life. I see you, at the end of the day, your Cheshire cat grin hanging in the night sky, having found your bearings, set your compass, and clear about your purpose.

I am on my way to you living simply, moving slowly, and finding grace in my presence. I feel my welcome in the world.   I have no need to do or be anything to anyone. I let my spirit free: free of the roles and rituals that tether me to old ways. I spread my wings to the world.

The sandy beach catches my feet, the gentle breeze dances, almost imperceptibly, with the hairs on my skin, and the warm sun caresses all the lost and forgotten moments of my history placing them lovingly on an altar to the gods. I renew my lease. I connect to the World Wide Web of life, the one that does not require a device, and feel life longing for me. Now, words and images flow onto the screen with a surprising ease and all that I have intended, in the secret chamber of my heart, comes to pass.

I start almost every day with my practice of writing my intention for the day, which is like a note to myself to be read at the end of the day. Click the Daily Intent tag below to see other posts from this practice.

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