Mixed Messages and Manifestation

Manifesting our dreams can be difficult because we send out mixed messages to the world. Our hearts and minds are pulled in different directions by our own competing wants and needs and by agendas of which we are unaware. Consequently, we often manifest mixed results. The solution for this is to practice one of the great disciplines of life: purifying intent. This means you gather your energy and align your life around your core intention(s). The challenge here is that your core intentions are often different than the conscious goals you may set for yourself. Core intentions are found through a process of discovery.

For instance, we are all engaged in three great conversations: a conversation with our self, a conversation with others, and a conversation with life. Ideally, these conversations are genuine dialogues, in which we are learning from and contributing to each particular relationship. It is through these dialogues that we find our place and our path in life and, ultimately, our core intention(s). When the three conversations complement and support each other, we enter a sweet spot and things naturally go our way as if providence is in our favor and all the stars align for our destiny.

But, for so many of us, these conversations are not dialogues but monologues. We are telling life, others, and ourselves how it should be. Worse, the conversation turns into an argument, a battleground for a position or a defense against perceived injustice or mistreatment. We engage in a literal or metaphorical war with ourselves, with others, and with life. This splitting of ourselves and disconnection from life naturally results in mixed messages, which results in mixed results in life.

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