Attention and Intention

The choreography of attention and intention is one of the great practices in life. Like a divine dance, the two work together to weave the world you live in and produce the life you live. Your attention determines what you notice in the moment: what you see, hear, and feel both outside and inside you. Your intention sends out signals to life and others about what you desire, expect, anticipate or believe. When the two work in tandem, magic happens. When the two work at odds, you will feel at odds with the world.

One part of this dance is exquisite attention. Cultivating exquisite attention is the art and practice of attending to what nourishes your soul and supports your thriving in life. It must be cultivated because your attention is so often stolen by the world, or hitched to your own whims, or even deadened over the years by the world's unyielding need for your conformity.

Exquisite attention bridges the inner and outer world; the life within you attending to the life outside of you. Perhaps the great appeal of viewing animals in the wild, or even some domestic animals (dogs, cats), is that you see this exquisite attention in action.  You can feel their natural vitality and how their attention arises out of that vitality. Attention sourced from your vitality, from the life force within you, naturally nourishes your soul because it is the very act of bringing your soul to life.

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