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I have a practice of writing letters to my future self. Usually, I pick a date on my calendar and use the particulars of that date to write a general letter to myself so that the content could apply no matter what might be happening then. I decided to write a "letter to now,” one that might be read anytime. This is the result:

Letter To Now:

Read this when your eyes are wide and your heart soars with the wind; read this when your spirits are low and you have no grounds for life; read this when the day is long and the path lost; read this when love walks in the door, unexpected, and your arms offer a sanctuary to each other:

Greet this moment as if it is the lost treasure you have spent a lifetime seeking. Let the world be your companion:  the earth your welcome, the sky your witness, the wind your wisdom. Do not let your discerning mind fool you: meaning is a matter of heart and soul and requires no more than breath and pulse to become your truth. Take what comes and give what you are. Then, high or low, wide or narrow, long or lost, love walks in the door, unexpected, offering you a sanctuary in the moment.

Reposted from original airing in March 2016:

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