Light is the one thing that cannot see itself because it is always traveling ahead of its own reflection, always pushing the edge, always transforming beyond into the moment. As spirit, you are made of light, and you can never truly know yourself because all reflection is outdated. You have already gone beyond where you were, you are already breaking new ground. The best you can do is ride the wave of your life, eyes open and heart thrilled, with awe and wonder at the new world you participate in creating, the beyond you transform into this moment.

I have lived my life in reflection, keeping journals throughout the years, chronicling events and experiences, both fictional and real, in the coded language of my own perception and intuition. I have attempted to follow the Socratic dictum and live an examined life. I know this was a critical part of my own development and certainly a way I practiced the craft of writing, at least as an art form solely for myself. Perhaps I achieved some depth of understanding through this process, a kind of relationship with myself, through the circuitous route of turning inward. Perhaps I have been perfecting a perceptual filter that plays a vital role in the breaking wave of my spirit into the moment, a culmination of a life turned inward now turning outward into the universe.

Now I practice shining my light. I let my soul be the starting point, the cresting wave cracking open darkness and illuminating possibility. I live metaphoric, multi-level, both in this, the “real world,” inhabiting an earth body, grounded in earth weight and trudging the practical; and a spirit body, light and flying free on the edge of the impossible.  

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For Reflection:

We tip the scales between outer and inner in our lives and most of us develop a tendency to favor one over the other. What is your general preference? What gets you to shift the other way? 

Riding the edge of the cresting wave may seem to be an outward driven act. It is not so much about where attention is directed as it is about being in the flow with life. Reflection is not just looking back or in, it is also in habits of thought and action that arise out of old ways and do not emerge out of the interaction of self and life in the moment.

When, or what activities, allow you to step into the flow?

A poem version of the first paragraph of this post was published in the book,
The Work Of Being Your Self

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