Tell The Untold Story

The treasure we seek is not found in the outer world: it is not hidden in some dark cavern in a faraway place nor locked in a vault buried under ground. The treasure we seek is also not found in the inner world: it is not hidden in the secret chambers of the heart or buried somewhere under a mountain of deluded living. 

The treasure is alive! It is found every time we bring ourselves to life in the moment. For me, this occurs when writing poetry, when walking in the world and taking photos, and when teaching a class. It is found in cafe conversations, in cool nights under the stars, and in the eyes of kindred souls. It is the untold story being told for the first time. It is the unlived life being lived for the first time. 

Everything changes when we stop trying to change the life we live and start loving the life we live! Then we can, at last, embrace the whole of it: all of our flaws and foolishness, all of what disgusts or delights us about ourselves, and all the poverty and preciousness of our world. Only then can we see the rubies and diamonds, the pearls and precious relics, the silver and gold trinkets overflowing and spilling out into the mess of this life, littered at our feet. The treasures are everywhere! All around us! 

What brings you to life?
What is the untold story you are now telling
by the way you live your life?

Written as my Daily Intent for December 4, 2016. For more posts in the Daily Intent series, click the tag below.

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