What Will Blossom For You Today?

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In the great scheme of things, life finds a way to absorb or adapt to almost anything. Scientists have found life teeming at the edge of the most extreme conditions:

Life utilizes itself in its own continuation. Death becomes fodder for the living and this principle applies to our psychological life in many ways as well. Emotions are a good example, a rising energy expressed through feeling will naturally fall away and that energy is then released to emerge as something new. Some recurring emotions, such as sorrow, grief, or anger, seem to have a life of their own over time because we revisit them or recreate them in the patterns of our lives. As we evolve beyond the old patterns, either naturally or through effort, the energy locked in old emotional complexes serves as compost for new growth. Simply setting the intent for this to happen aids the process.

What will blossom for you when your sorrow, your grief, and your anger compost into new life?

Sidney Opera house in the morning sun

Sidney Opera house in the morning sun

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